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Who are we?
The Best Companies (BEST RENT FINDERS, BEST REALTY FINDER, BEST MANAGEMENT TEAM) is a full service Real Estate Brokerage that can help you Buy, Sell, Rent and Manage your property. We are dedicated to offering you solutions to all your real estate needs in Las Vegas. We are customer service oriented and take pride in our endeavor to be the best; we work hard so you don't have to. There is no "Boiler Plate" model that fits eyeryone, which is why all our programs are taylored to your individual needs.

What types of properties does Best Management Team,LLC manage?

RESIDENTIAL - Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Condo & Apartments
COMMERCIAL - Retail, Warehouse, Office
FACILITY - Common Area Management and Maintenance

When should I start looking for a new home to rent?

The best time to look for a home or condo to rent is two weeks before your intened move date. The reason is that homes and condos do not stay on the market very long so if you find something you like to soon, chances are it won't be available when you will need it. If you are willing to sign a lease more than two weeks from your move date then it is possible to secure your housing sooner. This is always an option it just will cost you a little more in rent.

We are truly excited to offer you our full line of property management and real estate services and welcome the opportunity to work for you. Call us today! 1 (877) 728-8923